Game On for an Engaged Team

May 13, 2014 Time: 10:00 AM PST


  • Joe McFadden,  

Lots of organizations use special events, raffle prizes, or breakfast with the boss as rewards to recognize and motivate their teams to go above and beyond their basic job duties. And that works well for some teams. However, a February 2012 edition of Harvard Business Review reported that happy and engaged employees are over 30% more productive and 300% more creative, so leaders who are looking to make a bigger impact are turning to healthy peer competition and social engagement practices to motivate customer-facing teams to do better. And gamification techniques are proving to produce results.

In the same way that fitness trackers help you to take more steps and reach your goals, gamification helps your team to accomplish their work in the best way possible, and track their progress as they go. Join us for this live, 45-minute webinar, where Joe McFadden, Vice President of Marketing at PlayVox details how gamification and the latest social tools for support operations can take agent engagement to the next level. He’ll share some best practices for a gamified work environment, outline the importance of a cycle of engagement, and even dig into how to introduce gamification into your team. This webinar is a must-see for support leaders who are looking to foster and motivate a collaborative spirit in their teams—and your agents, your organization, and your customers will reap the benefits.

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